We help with all aspects of children’s education

Our goal is to partner and support families through the entire educational journey

We provide a one-on-one consultation in your home to:

  • Assess and devise strategies for students in all areas.
  • Assess unique challenges facing each child.
  • Develop individualised tutoring solutions.
  • Develops programs in Maths, Literacy and Early Childhood development. Each program is developed with the individual’s personal circumstances in mind.

Our consultants are trained to determine whether a student needs:

  • Remedial – past concepts that may have been missed or need consolidation.
  • Intermediate – support for current concepts being covered in class. Students may be struggling with new concepts and need a boost to consolidate an idea.
  • Advanced – We develop extension programs if students are finding their current level easy so they are challenged and enthusiastic through their study.


Book a consultation

Book an in-depth consultation designed to gain an understanding of your child’s current academic situation, workload, study habits and desired outcomes. Our trained Consultant will be able to recommend the most appropriate plan to achieve the desired goals.

Our Services


Educational Software K-12

We are proud distributors of the iTutor Learning System, a professional educational software aligned to the Australian National Curriculum.

Real Tutor Support

Unlimited access to our teacher and tutor support centre during the hours of 4-8pm, Monday to Friday, 50 weeks per year. Regular calls from our Tutors to deliver lessons, provide feedback and encouragement.

Assessments & Progress Tracking

Real-time results analysis to track progress across varying timeframes and iOS and Android parent app to monitor progress remotely.

Educational Resources & Discounts

Access to qualified career advisors and career profiling tools, discounts on speech pathologists, general & psychological assessments and educational resources.