Benefits of iTutor

iTutor has been tried and tested by educators and families for over 20 years. Australian owned, iTutor helps make education more motivating, interesting and effective.

  • Tutoring support offered
    The Student Support Centre has a team of professional tutors with a comprehensive understanding of the iTutor educational software. We provide regular outgoing calls from our Support Centre to discuss how students are going, to answer any questions they may have and to suggest the most appropriate topics or exercises for them to do on our programs.

    Students can contact us with any questions they have from the iTut0r software itself or with general queries such as effective exam techniques or study habits. We can also discuss a student’s performance based on their iTutor results and recommend strategies for improvement/further extension.

  • Record-keeping
    Students’ scores are recorded and can be displayed across a chosen date range within a selected topic or in their entirety. A handy graph feature allows progress to be monitored, giving students a sense of achievement and enabling them to adjust the topics and levels they practice.

  • Assistance with schoolwork
    Our Maths tutors are available to talk students through any difficult concepts they have covered in class or that may have cropped up in homework. Likewise, our English tutors are happy to review essays or other written tasks for school and provide structured and useful feedback before or after these are submitted.
  • Settings
    Settings within the software allow families to customize their experience. Students can toggle sounds and animation, choose to accumulate score or keep them separate for each exercise and adjust display options to more closely mirror classroom conditions.



How does the iTutor Learning System work?

  • Focuses on knowledge retention.
  • Uses the three recognised methodologies proven to ensure maximum retention and long term memory formation:- Worked examples (learning process).
    – Repetition & revision (practising of skills).
    – Instant feedback.
    – Access to experienced teachers and tutors 4-8pm, Mon-Fri, 50 weeks a year via our support center.

  • Software programs include:1. Dina Magic (Kindergarten)
    2. Phonica Elementary
    3. Phonica Advanced
    4. English Story
    5. Junior Maths
    6. Primary Maths
    7. Senior Maths


Missing or misunderstanding just a couple of Maths or Literacy basics can be all that it takes to put your child behind. Suddenly they are struggling.

  • Junior
    Our Junior Maths programme covers kindergarten to year 2. It is a fun, interactive programme that provides a strong foundation in concepts such as counting, addition, subtraction, shapes and measurement.
  • Primary
    The Primary programme is for children from years 3 to 6. It incorporates key topics from the Australian curriculum covered throughout these years, which students can select from based on their current class work or areas of need. within each topic, questions are randomly generated then marked by the programme, giving immediate feedback. Every concept contains a teaching module and drill questions for practice. Further features include extension activities, games and both random and fixed tests.

  • Senior
    High school students will love our Senior Maths programme. It covers concepts from years 7 to 12 in depth, with hints, worked solutions and explanations all provided. Students can choose topics from their school curriculum or focus on prior areas for revision. As with the Primary software, questions are generated randomly and marked straight away by the programme. Students can show working out on the screen or choose to complete this on paper then enter their final answer only. An additional practical section includes a thorough financial Maths component along with statistics and graph modules.


Before you know it, school is not fun anymore – a problem with Maths or English can have an impact on every other subject as well.

  • Phonica
    The Phonica Elementary and Phonica Advanced programmer assist students with vital literacy skills such as reading, comprehension, spelling and writing. There are in-built lessons as well as the capability for families to enter their own words and stories and to customize lessons. Different learning styles are catered for through the use of video, audio, animation and highlighting. Early readers are kept engaged by the entertaining and interactive activities, which include a variety of spelling tests, a recording feature to help master letters sounds and a dictation section. Students will be motivated by the reward progress screen, which awards tokens that lead to treasure being found and certificates being awarded.

  • English Story
    The English Story programme is designed for students from mid-primary school and above who are comfortable with the concepts covered in the Phonics programmer. There are handy reference buttons available in most exercises to give students explanatory notes on the concepts being covered. There is also a writing feature that allows students to select a topic and design then write their own story.

dina magic

Dina Magic for Preschool Years

Of course you want to help – but how can you, when Maths and English are so different from when you went to school? iTutor World has the answer.

Dinamagic is a programme that is designed to give children an advantage in their learning before they enter preschool by preparing them with fundamental building blocks for the Maths and English journey.

Dinamagic teaches children in a fun and animated environment, where they develop essential computer requirements such as mouse, keyboard and hand eye co-ordination skills, while also learning letters and numbers to prepare them for Mathematics and English subjects.

Dinamagic is a journey for children to travel the different lands and seas, Dina (the dinosaur) and other characters guide children through the areas and help show them the way.

Dinamagic is the perfect tool to assist children in grasping the ideology and concepts of Mathematics and English.

‘Number Sea’ is full of animated educational games and activities covering the numbers 1 to 10. This gives children the start they need in recognizing the basic number set and simple counting.

‘Letter world’ is a fun way of introducing your child to letters, the alphabet and words. This will help set them up to be competent for reading and writing in the future and gives them a great start when it comes to recognizing words, using them in sentences and increasing their vocabulary.

‘Jungle world’ is another “land” of learning where more games and activities introduce your child to colours, shapes, directions, body parts, positions, similarities, memory, opposites, rhyming and the sequencing of numbers. These are all important skills that your child will have a start in before they commence formal schooling.

What is the process from here?

  • Contact STAR TUTOR on 1300 859 822 or complete our ONLINE CONTACT FORM.
  • Visit from one of our friendly advisors to assess your children (used to develop lesson plans), explain the program, demonstrate software and answer any queries you may have.

  • Visit from a experienced teachers and tutors to install software, set lesson plans and teach the whole family how to use the software.
  • Handover completed upon 100% family satisfaction.
  • Your children are on their way to improved performance!